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Wholesale Handbags, Wallets, Clutches and more for retailers

If you are looking for stock for your retail store or boutique look no further than wholesalesion.  We provide the finest wholesale handbags, clutches and wallets for both casual and upscale clients. From printed to plush and whimsical designs you will find handbags found only in glamour magazines. Our merchandise is high quality and selected from the best handbag manufactures in the country. We also stock designer handbags from labels like Betty Boop and David Jones.
Our handsbags are sold at affordable prices and our catalogues grow each day with new and exquisite styles being added daily.  We carry out extensive market research and have the expert knowledge on emerging and current fashion trends to provide you with bags that your customer will love.  Our wholesale purses are the most sought after by retailers in the region and no one carries stylish style like ours because they match the needs of customers.  Whether you customers prefer elegant faux leather purses or a sumptuous rhinestone designs they are available in a variety of colours and contemporary designs. Customers can now enjoy our stunning collection of handbag to match their lifestyles and needs without compromising on style.
We have earned a reputation of being the trusted supplier of superior fashion products and highest quality customer services. We have excellent shipping and flawless order fulfillment all over the country and aboard too. Incase you do not receive the right merchandise you can have it returned to us for a replacement.  Our superb customer service makes us the leader in the industry.
Apart from bags we also provide wallets and evening bags. Wallets vary from geometric designs for a professional look to unique pieces that are handcrafted to perfection.  They are made from genuine or faux leather with golden plated front button clamp that gives the wallet simple sophistication.  Their interior compartments can comfortably accommodate cards and money bills with ease. Our clutch bags are eye catching and paired with an outfit they add a gorgeous glow. Carrying them with confidence to an evening dinner will make you the envy of others.
Outfitting your retail business has never been easier than with wholesalesion. Our online store has a catalogue where you can pick the pieces that you want order and pay for them and in no time they will be right at your door.  The catalogue has a simple design that is easy to navigate and you can easily find exactly what you want. Our shopping cart system is easy to understand and the checkout process is not complicated.  Payments can be made through credit cards and you can keep track of the order. Our prices are affordable too. Whereas other fashion wholesalers sell the merchandise at high prices we sell ours at affordable prices ensuring that you get to enjoy good profit margins. Our wholesale products will help your retail business thrive and grow. Not only will you enjoy high demands from customers but you will also have more money for reinvesting. We are located in Los Angeles.